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Douglas Parfumerie

Douglas Parfumerie

Who does not know the feeling? You feel like treating yourself to some downtown shopping. Not just for fun, you also want professional advice and to feel great about spoiling yourself with something special like a new fragrance, facial cream or a whole new look. When you walk into Parfumerie Douglas, you step into a fascinating world with the latest, first-class cosmetics. A treat for everyone!

Meent 52
5501 JK Veldhoven
040-255 48 07


Opening hours

Monday 11:00-18:00 h
Tuesday 09:30-18:00 h
Wednesday 09:30-18:00 h
Thursday 09:30-18:00 h
Friday 09:30-21:00 h
Saturday 09:30-17:00 h

Douglas Parfumerie